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If you have a product, service, event or book that you wish to promote, then we have the perfect platform for you!!

  • We have 60 second commercial advertisement. If you don't have a graphics, we offer that service too!

  • if you want to join us in the studio for a 10-minute segment to promote your business and services, then the in-studio advertisement will suit you well.

  • If you want your name up in lights on our big screen during the airing of the show, then select the sponsorship packet that works best for your business!

Now is the perfect time to reserve your slot!! These prices won't be available for long! Click on the link to be directed to payment:

be a vip host

WE ARE LOOKING FOR EXPERTS to join us in the studio!!

The show's primary concept is to provide a platform for business owners and goal-oriented people to get motivated into moving forward on dreams and goals. We know there are many things in life that people contribute to holding them back, finances, other people, health, family obligations, etc

While our show will absolutely be entertaining, it will also be educational and informational. Collectively, the host, co-host and contributing host have a wealth of knowledge, however we don't know everything...and we are reaching out to experts to join us in the studio.

Are you an expert in your field? If so, then you may be the perfect person that we are seeking to join the us in the studio. We would love to consider you as our VIP Host. Fill out the form below and check off the applicable topics where you are an EXPERT! The ntries that align with show topics already in the works will be reviewed to help us select VIP Hosts throughout the year. If your expertise is not listed, write it in we may just create a show around your submission.


Email Address*

Cell Phone Number*

Area of Expertise/Professional/Lincense*

Other (Write-In)

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