Delivering On Ideas & Thoughts (DO IT) For Others!

LuDrean Howard Peterson, MSM, MBA
Owner/Career and Business Architect

LuDrean Peterson is a career & business strategist, human resources expert, innovator, consultant, facilitator and advisor. She is passionate about inspiring and helping others to optimize and implement ideas, fulfill dreams, and achieve personal and professional goals.


She has 27 years of experience in human resources, career progression and organizational development.  LuDrean is highly sought after for mentoring, resume-writing, interview preparation and to provide unbiased, ethical advice on workplace matters. She has a proven record in assertively managing people and projects to achieve groundbreaking success. LuDrean is an innovative and creative leader who inspires individuals and groups to reach their greatest potential. She is skilled in cultivating strong business partnerships and establishing brand awareness and recognition.

LuDrean has numerous years of experience designing, implementing and facilitating empowerment and workforce sessions.  She became a strong advocate of Health and Human Service’s Girl Power! Campaign and, which was a national public education initiative sponsored by HHS "to help encourage and empower 9- to 14-years-old girls to make the most of their lives". With a combination of creativity, a desire to spread the word and make an impact, LuDrean designed and funded an extension of GirlPower! at St. Thomas Moore Catholic School in Southeast DC. Her program consisted of monthly sessions and positively impacted hundreds of young girls.  Topics included Communication, Etiquette, Managing Peer Pressure, Volunteering and Giving Back, Sports, Saying No To Drugs, Dreaming Dreams and many others. Speakers included Allison Seymour, Jeannie Jones, Muriel Page, Justine Love and many other local celebrities.

She enhanced her passions by obtaining a dual master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master's of Science in Management (MSM), with an emphasis in Human Resources Management.  LuDrean also holds a Masters Project Management Certification  from George Washington University. She is a also a member of the Society for Human Resources Management.

She loves to travel, shop, read and participate in thought provoking conversations.

LuDrean officially launched her business; Delivering On Ideas & Thoughts (DO IT)! on October 25, 2015.