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Customer Testimonials

LuDrean "The Dreamer" is what I call her!! I came to her with my resume and told her I was in the search for a Federal government job. She did her magic and I followed her directions as to what I needed to do... well THREE interviews from THREE different agencies and THREE job offers later... I start my new position on Monday, January 8, 2018!! (I selected my start date.) Thank you LuDrean!!!

-Carla Thomas

You make me look smart😊!

Thank you LuDrean!!!!!! My resume would have never made the cut without you...Please say an extra prayer for me...whew!!!

-J. Johnson

My high self-esteem and self-confidence and belief in myself again is a result of LuDrean’s life training. Like you said in every teaching session LuDrean, “ I am a Gift to this world”. Thanks for seeing the best in me and bringing it out. The support and guidance I received from LuDrean Peterson was excellent. Her service far exceeded my expectations. Her valuable insights, patience and encouragement have allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I thank her and I highly recommend LuDrean to anyone interested in starting or growing into their career. Her career materials are GOLD! You will succeed in your mission with LuDrean GOLD .....

-Shaunta Newby (starts new job January 2016)

"I just wanted to send you some special love this morning!! I aced the interview!! I WOWED them. They were impressed even asked my opinion and input how to handle some current problems and issues in the office. God Bless you...continue to walk in your gift and your purpose! You are truly anointed!!


LuDrean, thank you so much for helping me prepare for my interview. The questions you asked were right on point! They asked me almost every question that you did and almost word for word so I was very prepared to answer. The mock interview helped me to be relaxed during the interview and the responses just rolled off my tongue. I kept your pointers on body language and eye contact in mind and it helped me to stay focused and manage those areas. In the end, I found myself laughing with the interviewers and enjoying the experience.


"Hey Lady! Just wanted you to know that I submitted my application! Thank you so much! You did an awesome job guiding me and pulling out my skills and conveying them on my resume. It really gave me the confidence to apply for the higher grade and welcome that interview!"

-Carletta Sweeney

"I've known LuDrean for over 6 years as a colleague, supervisor, mentor and friend. LuDrean has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I've been able to draw from for guidance on human resources, leadership, project management and even personal matters. I appreciate that LuDrean is always willing to help me navigate challenges and overcome obstacles."

-Dawn Kelly

"LuDrean will assist you in landing your dream job. She is adept at conveying your advantages and achievements and how they relate to your responsibilities in your chosen field. She is proficient at adding industry buzz words and keywords that will surely catch the attention of HR specialist and impress any given hiring manager. "

-Eskendir Solomon, IT Specialist, CGI Group Inc.

"LuDrean has a combination of humor, directness and encouragement that I found helpful in seeing the possibilities instead of the HUGE blocks that I initially saw ahead. She gave clear directions on what to include and remove from my resume. She also pointed out what to look for in the vacancy announcement, so that I was not wasting time applying for positions just for the sake of applying. LuDrean’ s positive energy is contagious!!"

-Cassandra Gibbs

"LuDrean, having you as a career coach has changed the trajectory of my job search. The insight and guidance you have provided has been priceless. I utilize your words of encouragement to motivate me daily. I truly appreciate you keeping me focused. Thanks again for all you do."

-Marcus Little

"LuDrean and I reconnected about a year ago because we found out we ministered at the same church. Since then we have connected on a number of occasions via telephone or meeting out. I have been trying to get back into the federal government for a number of years but to no avail. LuDrean help me create a resume that was more conducive to the federal government standards, which help to give a more holistic picture of my education and work experience. We then met several times to go over the vacancy announcements which she played a major part in helping me understand how they actually rated individuals who were applying for positions in the federal government. I now have a much better understanding of how to apply for positions and what type of jobs I should be applying for. I have not landed a position in the federal government as of yet but I know if God plans for that to happen I now have more of the tools to help me get there thanks to LuDrean. Thanks for all of your help.'

-Sabrina Butler

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